Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Why not get the job Asustek Computer to the countryside?

Zhongguancun business does not win on the ASUS computer to the countryside gave the answer, they do not think ASUS incompetent, in fact, can not.

5 March, the Commerce Department announced a tender for the computer program to rural areas, association of 14 companies winning, losing seven enterprises, including the originator of Asus netbooks. Asus has been hard to understand why the Ministry of Commerce struggling to get the job for reasons so far to no avail. But the park's business has been given the answer, because of price, channels, and product positioning are incompatible with the computer policy of the countryside, eventually led to the loss of this important opportunity to Asus.

It is reported that the bid of a total of 104 desktops, 60 notebooks, of which access the account for a very small number, which is the consumption structure of rural areas is very consistent. The ASUS 9 reported products, desktop 5, tender prices are more than 3,000 yuan; notebook 4, including 3 for the Internet in this, and only a line of the price of 3,000 yuan (2999 yuan ). In accordance with the provisions of the countryside, desktop reporting price must be less than 3,500 yuan, notebook price must be less than 4,500 yuan, so the price of a lot of ASUS lose points. In contrast with the "price butcher" said the Shenzhou tender desktop and laptop products are the lowest tender products, 11 models tender price less than 3,000 yuan.

Asus is also the soft underbelly of the weak channels. Merchant said that although Asus outstanding performance in the first-tier cities, but in 34 the lack of distribution channel development. This has led to rural areas, low awareness for the Asus, but also to farmers in the purchase and sale may be there are many hidden dangers. Lenovo years of deep plowing the layout of the whole market has been allowed to outlets located in the "village" in the "semi-rural" between the experience of seasoned natural to many.

The emphasis on the Internet this ASUS product positioning, is the lost single factor. The concept of the Internet has been 2 years, but in rural popularity barely see, and mobile phones to rural areas that are quite different. More extensive use of mobile phones in rural areas, many dismissed the information resulting from poor road congestion, the network is still mainly used for rural entertainment, information, role of the lower channel. Therefore, in the case of high prices, the farmers spent a year in net income to buy a little too extravagant ASUS netbook. In summary, ASUS integrated results were below the pass, get the job however the unexpected, but reasonable.

As in IT sales business in Zhongguancun, home of many people in rural areas, they seem to be more for the computer voice in the countryside. Businesses are reflected, although there has been a substantial increase in living standards in rural areas, but mostly rely on traditional industries and migrant workers, business wealth, the demand for computers and the Internet is not as essential as the city people.

One owner from Henan said they mainly rely on brick village market this year, fertilizer, cement manufacturing, and technology farming, and farmers know little about computers and networks for the main users of a certain culture is the technical staff, are school students, and access to personnel working out new things. Function in use, the main entertainment-based, use CD-ROM to see movies and television, Internet games, chat and other simple functions, not to mention commercial use or to help agricultural production, "Do you think they used Word and Excel to find it?"

Merchants who came from Liaoning Province said, and the city cost computer users buy value products compared to rural users pay more attention to the price of the product, which is determined by the local income spending habits, the configuration for the computer to understand more less often concerned about the "big screen is not" rather than "unhappy faster processor speed and brand", if there is a small gift of peripheral products, will be more popular. In addition to the distribution of purchase and sale outlets, farmers are willing to buy nearby.

Another sale from Hebei, said the purchase of computers for rural users still strong herd mentality. In some rural areas, buy a computer sometimes can represent a family in the area's economic status, a village or a village to buy a computer, may be the township village the next day will know that other people have the same power to buy the third day a larger, more expensive or the same computer, to show strength.

Seen from the above, the countryside a serious lack of computer knowledge to face the computer, farmers should show cheap, simple and practical. If the product can not be no real demand for computers destined to reach rural areas to stimulate domestic demand and consumption effects, which the Government wants to see.

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