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PHOTOSHOP plug-in filter is the ultimate Dharma (2)

2. KPT 7.0 plug-in filters

First introduce the KPT 7.0 below contains nine new filters (as shown):

(1) kpt channel Surfing

KPT Channel Surfing is a deal-channel filter

It allows you to adjust all the channels can also allow you to adjust a single channel. You can apply to the Channel Blur (fuzzy), Contrast (Contrast), Sharpen (Sharpen) and Value Shift (adjust brightness) of four results. You can also adjust the intensity of these effects and transparency, and control the effects of homologous mixed-mode images.

In the Controls Panel Apply effect menu, select Value Shift Channel effect to adjust the image brightness. KPT Channel Surfing will be an image into RGB (red, green, blue) channels and the HLS (hue, brightness, saturation) channels.

Here we select the To channel Luminance (brightness) as the effect of application access.

Drag Effect amount slider to adjust the intensity of these effects

Select from the Attenuate with Saturation (saturation channel) channel as a result of dilution.

The Value at minimum drag the slider to 0% position. The gray image pixels (0% saturation) are not applied Value Shift effects.

Value at maximum drag the slider to 100% position. All solid color image pixels (100% saturation) will be in Effect amount according to your slider settings apply 100% of Value Shift effects.

Click the Presets button. Presets Library panel menu in the upper right corner of the Create new category (create a new style of type).

In the text box to enter a new category name, press the Enter key. (Here we use qiongruo).

Click the Presets Library upper part of the New preset. To enter a new default style name.

Click Add preset (to add the default style), click the OK button.

Finally click the confirmation button on the lower right corner to return to Photoshop in.


(2) KPT Fluid

KPT7 in the second filter is the KPT Fluid filter, the filter is used to simulate the brush in the liquid on the Moguo effect. Liquid flow with a great chance, is also the most casual nature of the effect of a tool, but also full of surprises.

Single from the interface point of view, relatively simple set, only on the brush size, density of the liquid velocity are set.

Brush size: used to set the brush size, the parameters of the greater size of the larger brush.

Velocity: Set the brush across the fluid velocity, the greater the parameter setting, the more complex the image changes.

Blend: used to set the viscosity of the liquid, the greater the number setting the greater mobility of the liquid.

After all the parameters to adjust the image using the mouse quickly across the preview window. Wait until the image perfectly still.

Such an unexpected effect appeared in front of you. It is not quite the magic?

Here there is a preview window below the button button similar to the play button, the color filter can also flow into a continuous process of exporting images (BMP format) or video animation (AVI format or MOV format).

Stop button: Click this button to return to the image created before the initial state of fluid effects.
Rewind button: Click and hold down this button, the image of the simulation results will be reversed back.
Continued release button: Click this button to effect the flow of the suspension will continue to track the original flow.
Pause button: Click this button to pause the flow effect.
Unicast button: Click or hold down this button, you can skip the process of playing the liquid flow.

In the Parameters panel Output Duration text box, enter the number of parameters as the time to export animation.

1, click the button next to Output open Make Movie (output film) dialog box.

2, in the Output Format (export format) menu, select AVI Movie. (You can also choose BMP Sequence or QuickTime Movie format).

3 Click Settings to select a video compression for the video settings. Here we choose Indeo_video 5.04, other optional default setting.

4, in the File Location (location of the output file) text box, enter the store file path name.

5, adjust the Size slider to set the output video screen size. Here we choose the default settings.

6, click the check mark to confirm, wait for a while, the video images can be output end.

7 Finally, click on the bottom right corner of the confirmation button to return to Photoshop in.

Random variable smear create stunning images, then what are you waiting for? (Continued)

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Kaspersky KIS7.0 stand-alone public celebration was held in Beijing

September 14, the world's leading information security company Kaspersky was held in Beijing KIS (ie: Internet Security Suite) 7.0 stand-alone public celebrations, added on September 6 after the new pre-empt the online issue, Kaspersky joint digital Star officially boxed products proudly. Thus, this Beishou domestic users expect a comprehensive anti-virus products started selling, and Kaspersky Lab Board of Directors, Ms. Lord 甯撼濉斾附濞?visit conference site, but also for the implementation of China's strategy to provide strong Kaspersky power.

From 1997 to 2007, Kaspersky Lab has gone through years of development history, and 7.0 stand-alone products, the successful worldwide release of its tenth anniversary of the landmark can be said to add a piece of good news. Kaspersky Kaspersky since 2004 has been Managing Director of China Zhang Lishen introduced into China, the series is now well-known anti-virus products, and brand awareness and user rate has rapidly risen to the status of domestic anti-virus industry leader.

"Kaspersky's success in China, partly to demonstrate the excellent quality of products Kaspersky widely accepted by the user, on the other hand has long insisted that 鏄庡崱宸存柉鍩?'all for the safety of users' service concept has been enjoys popular support. 6.0 Personal Edition products in the amazing results achieved, the 7.0 stand-alone version will again be beneficial integration of resources for the user's computer information security providing a full range of protection. ", Zhang Lishen so stressed.

It is understood, KI S7.0 is a stand-alone anti-virus, Kaspersky Lab team took 1 year to build carefully, in addition to the new triple protection of defense technology, that is the exact virus signature-based killing, active defense, and heuristic analysis Based on the device, but also added security features more targeted, thus, makes this excellent anti-virus products more human oriented, large and real-time update of the Kaspersky virus database will also make it more Perfect. In addition to strong performance, Kaspersky also get together next surprises, fun-packed movies handle every day.

The recent outbreak of epidemic strong domestic frequent viruses, Trojans, and worms and other malicious programs, KIS 7.0 launch, no doubt provide users with a powerful "killer." In fact, China continued to provide high-quality products, Kaspersky Lab is also being gradually will have world-class service models into the country, its Board of Directors Main 甯撼濉斾附濞?in his speech stressed that "the successful China set up the server, open 400 telephone and the establishment of the virus analysis center, Kaspersky will also establish a computer virus in China, testing centers, and strive to make China's computer virus analysis, testing, and solving the global synchronization. "

With Kaspersky explosive growth of the number of users, Kaspersky has released new products in the same time, open to all users, "Kaspersky official support forum - Kabbah owners", which is Kaspersky latest move is another localized service. Forum real-name system engineers to implement the official 24-hour online real-time Q, and set the virus sample area, the user can upload the first time the virus samples from the Kaspersky virus analysis center in China to analyze, respond more quickly the virus in China. Even more exciting is that in the forums and opening up, as long as the registered post to reach 30 points before the 10 000 members will receive one year free new products - KAV 7.0 standalone (Kaspersky Anti-Virus standalone software version 7.0)!

In the competitive Chinese information security market, Kaspersky's speed success has become an "alternative" phenomenon, but in integrating high-quality products and world-class standard of service behind and efficient distribution services for this added "help promoting agent. " Come to the scene, according to the number of stars Liu Jianhua description: "Kaspersky has no doubt a good product quality, while the number of stars to provide the online and offline two-channel distribution model will also speed up the Cikuan world-class anti-virus products and services the rate of domestic users. in 6.0 successfully issued based on the Digital Sky Jiang continue to consolidate a variety of channel resources to strive to meet each user Neng Gou Shi Dao Kaspersky anti-virus anytime, anywhere to buy products to thus achieve truly Anquan Internet's Dream. "

Field of information security in China, achieving a solid foundation, the Kaspersky comprehensive localization strategy has shown it demonstrated, and continue to receive "all for user security," the service level and all-round, multi-channel distribution concept of combination will 7.0 anti-virus products to accelerate the promotion and popularization!


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Consumers to buy non-original ThinkPad compensated 210,000 yuan

Get on a non-original IBM notebook computer, consumers will be vendors Miss Lei's court. Recently, the Haidian Court in accordance with the business to sell computers to "fake a fine of ten" commitments, judgments sellers Miss Lei refund and compensation for a total of 10 times the shopping section 215 thousand yuan.

June 12 last year, Miss Lei from Beijing looks dragons, Inc. (hereinafter referred to as dragons Company) purchased an IBM laptop computer station, a total cost of 21,500 yuan. In the longer Miss Lei dragon company invoice marked "leave a fine 10."

6 days to buy computers, when used frequently because of failure, Miss Lei commissioned National Quality Supervision and Inspection Center computer to the computer was tested. Test results show that censorship of the notebook computer is not in the original data and information about machine parts products, machinery in the factory after an unauthorized change the original configuration of the machine.

To this end, Miss Lei will be dragons company to court, demands the return and the return of money 21,500 yuan. Meanwhile, Miss Lei decree required the company to fulfill the dragon false promise of a fine 10, compensation cost 215,000 yuan and 1,000 yuan to bear examination.

The court held that dragons exist in fraud in the sales process. In the invoice marked "Leave a penalty 10" should be seen as unilateral commitments made by the company should commit to the invoice in the "fake a fine 10" obligations. Miss Lei Court ultimately supported the claim of all.

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2002 will go more detailed steps

In 2001, the domestic industry made significant progress CTI completed a giant leap forward for the further development of the foundation. Looking into the new year, the domestic CTI industry will scale new heights, expressed in the following aspects.

Segmentation, not high profit

CTI Industries to apply for the pilot, and the level of the market economy is closely related. With China's accession to WTO and the gradual process of integration into the international market, will bring a whole community for the continuous improvement of service level requirements, which will provide a good CTI industries external opportunities, but also on the development of the industry made CTI new requirements.

Growing industry segment

Industrial development, first manifested in the trade division is getting smaller. As the CTI scale of the industry continues to expand, will lead to more companies entering the market; with fierce competition, each firm constantly looking for their own market position, so that the division of the industry is getting smaller.

This industry segment will contribute to media development. As more and more users begin to pay attention CTI applications, thus leading to the media industry, and the media industry will be guided to complete the mission of industrial applications. The new year, CTI will focus on the media sector, new applications, which apply to the user information is more suited to their development needs.

Consulting industry will gradually mature to provide users from system construction to operation in all phases of professional guidance, which is to a certain stage of market development, the inevitable result. Technical research and the urgent need to introduce a new factor, to protect the CTI industry continue to develop CTI applications at the same time the research will become the focus of the entire industry.

Used more and more rich

CTI application-oriented industry itself, and the market is closely related to the level of service and technology to achieve the threshold is not high. Market expansion requires the application of more traction, so the new year, CTI applications industry will enter more fields, expansion in new areas, while existing applications continue to enrich the variety of applications.

Foreign investment in CTI Industries

CTI industry abroad earlier, operating experience and more mature. With the domestic value-added telecom services, reduced barriers to entry, there must be a lot of foreign investment into China. Access can take many forms, such as mergers and acquisitions of domestic investment in a subsidiary or direct access to local and other forms. The entry of foreign capital, will be the development of the domestic CTI Industries infusion of new blood, it will greatly impact the current market structure.

More competitive

With the CTI industry development, market competition will become increasingly fierce. CTI technology because the technology itself is applied, short-term foreign enterprises are faced with an entry barrier, but these companies will be through investment, mergers and acquisitions, etc., to shorten the process. Therefore, the domestic CTI industry to grow up as quickly as possible to complete the task the development of a competitive environment.

Average of industry profits tend to

The new year, CTI industry gradually matured, performance is one of the industry average of profits tend to the old days of high profits have been hard again, and the increasing demand of users of CTI in the industry business challenge.

Localized application experience will gradually

With foreign enterprises to enter the domestic market, including foreign operators, solution providers and other foreign operations mature experience was brought in quickly with the combination of domestic experience, the formation characteristics of China's CTI applications, which will not only enrich CTI industry applications, will also promote the sound development of industry, to provide support for the development of the industry.

The introduction of soft switching and data analysis

Development of the industry needs technological alienation and progress. CTI industries today, technology is facing a new stage. CTI applications with the rich, the need for new techniques to support.

The current CTI technology can be divided into two parts: foreground and background processing technology access technology. Among them, the front desk how to access technology to complete the user access to the system, access methods, including traditional telephone, including Internet access, video access, etc.. Background processing technology mainly refers to user data and business data analysis, and analysis of these data, find business rules, provide the scientific basis for the business services, and promote the development of business volume.

Front access into the soft switch architecture

Soft-switching technologies, for the CTI technology into a new development dynamic. Softswitch is the ideal access platform, CTI technology to achieve the desired universal access, the business objectives of the distribution, but also for the CTI technology provide a good architecture. Currently, CTI technology in the overall structure and the lack of a suitable system of standards to follow, so the lack of sustainability of technology development, and the emergence of soft-switching for the CTI technology laid the architectural framework, to bring new developments in technology opportunities.

The new year, CTI will start to study softswitch industry related technologies, and continuously enrich the connotation of CTI technology, provide the market with flexible, innovative business applications.

Background processing into the data warehouse / data mining

With the continuous development of front-access technology, how to make better use of existing business data, will be placed in front of all industrial users. Therefore, the data analysis technology to the front, highlighting its importance.

Data analysis techniques include many elements. In data integration, data warehouse can be considered through the data warehouse, operational data, the current uniform, the basis for later data analysis. In the analysis, the data warehouse based on OLAP multidimensional analysis, from different angles, to better present the data content, improve the analysis. At the same time, the data mining technology is also beginning to apply, for the development of the industry laid the prospect of deep data analysis.

Overall technical direction in-depth

Through the introduction of soft-switch technology and data analysis techniques, at the technical level, CTI technology will gradually deepen. In the new year, will complete the technical preparations for the contents of these two new developments will occur, but not in full swing. Related businesses and research institutions can according to their characteristics, to carry out related research. The introduction of these new technologies, CTI industries will bring far-reaching impact.

Into business opportunities for industry opportunities

New year, domestic enterprises should seize the CTI industry development opportunities, consider the following points.

Determine the market position, look for the development of point

As the market expands, domestic enterprises can be based on the actual situation, to establish their market position, and to find suitable opportunities for their own development, and promote the development of enterprises.

Strengthen the application of research in the field

As the CTI application technology itself has close to the characteristics of the industry's enterprises can expand the application of research in the field, to open up their markets, their strengths.

Select breakthrough technology

As already mentioned some of the new technology has emerged, therefore, the development needs of enterprises can choose the breakthrough technology, outstanding technical features of their products.

Learning to foreign enterprises

As the CTI industry abroad earlier, experience more. As the entry of foreign companies, domestic companies should seize the opportunity, to learn and to improve the level of their products and service capabilities.

In short, in the new year, CTI industry will usher in a new development opportunity.琛屼笟鍐呯殑浼佷笟搴斾笉鏂?鑰冿紝瀵绘壘鑷繁鐨勬満浼氾紝灏嗚涓氭満浼氳浆鍖栦负浼佷笟鏈轰細锛屽苟鐪熸甯︽潵浼佷笟鐨勫彂灞曘?


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Why not get the job Asustek Computer to the countryside?

Zhongguancun business does not win on the ASUS computer to the countryside gave the answer, they do not think ASUS incompetent, in fact, can not.

5 March, the Commerce Department announced a tender for the computer program to rural areas, association of 14 companies winning, losing seven enterprises, including the originator of Asus netbooks. Asus has been hard to understand why the Ministry of Commerce struggling to get the job for reasons so far to no avail. But the park's business has been given the answer, because of price, channels, and product positioning are incompatible with the computer policy of the countryside, eventually led to the loss of this important opportunity to Asus.

It is reported that the bid of a total of 104 desktops, 60 notebooks, of which access the account for a very small number, which is the consumption structure of rural areas is very consistent. The ASUS 9 reported products, desktop 5, tender prices are more than 3,000 yuan; notebook 4, including 3 for the Internet in this, and only a line of the price of 3,000 yuan (2999 yuan ). In accordance with the provisions of the countryside, desktop reporting price must be less than 3,500 yuan, notebook price must be less than 4,500 yuan, so the price of a lot of ASUS lose points. In contrast with the "price butcher" said the Shenzhou tender desktop and laptop products are the lowest tender products, 11 models tender price less than 3,000 yuan.

Asus is also the soft underbelly of the weak channels. Merchant said that although Asus outstanding performance in the first-tier cities, but in 34 the lack of distribution channel development. This has led to rural areas, low awareness for the Asus, but also to farmers in the purchase and sale may be there are many hidden dangers. Lenovo years of deep plowing the layout of the whole market has been allowed to outlets located in the "village" in the "semi-rural" between the experience of seasoned natural to many.

The emphasis on the Internet this ASUS product positioning, is the lost single factor. The concept of the Internet has been 2 years, but in rural popularity barely see, and mobile phones to rural areas that are quite different. More extensive use of mobile phones in rural areas, many dismissed the information resulting from poor road congestion, the network is still mainly used for rural entertainment, information, role of the lower channel. Therefore, in the case of high prices, the farmers spent a year in net income to buy a little too extravagant ASUS netbook. In summary, ASUS integrated results were below the pass, get the job however the unexpected, but reasonable.

As in IT sales business in Zhongguancun, home of many people in rural areas, they seem to be more for the computer voice in the countryside. Businesses are reflected, although there has been a substantial increase in living standards in rural areas, but mostly rely on traditional industries and migrant workers, business wealth, the demand for computers and the Internet is not as essential as the city people.

One owner from Henan said they mainly rely on brick village market this year, fertilizer, cement manufacturing, and technology farming, and farmers know little about computers and networks for the main users of a certain culture is the technical staff, are school students, and access to personnel working out new things. Function in use, the main entertainment-based, use CD-ROM to see movies and television, Internet games, chat and other simple functions, not to mention commercial use or to help agricultural production, "Do you think they used Word and Excel to find it?"

Merchants who came from Liaoning Province said, and the city cost computer users buy value products compared to rural users pay more attention to the price of the product, which is determined by the local income spending habits, the configuration for the computer to understand more less often concerned about the "big screen is not" rather than "unhappy faster processor speed and brand", if there is a small gift of peripheral products, will be more popular. In addition to the distribution of purchase and sale outlets, farmers are willing to buy nearby.

Another sale from Hebei, said the purchase of computers for rural users still strong herd mentality. In some rural areas, buy a computer sometimes can represent a family in the area's economic status, a village or a village to buy a computer, may be the township village the next day will know that other people have the same power to buy the third day a larger, more expensive or the same computer, to show strength.

Seen from the above, the countryside a serious lack of computer knowledge to face the computer, farmers should show cheap, simple and practical. If the product can not be no real demand for computers destined to reach rural areas to stimulate domestic demand and consumption effects, which the Government wants to see.

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Risk leaving the confused

If you do not know the weaknesses in the system can not be a good protection system; If you know the weaknesses in the system if it is leaked, it will bring greater, unimaginable risks. In this dilemma the state of information security risk assessment lingered for years.

Now, there is a large number of security vulnerabilities and security incidents after another to the risk assessment can not avoid. In March, the State Council Information Office in succession in Beijing, Kunming, will be held Publicizing and promoting the comprehensive risk assessment theory landing.

March 7, 2006 and March 18, the State Council Information Office of the continuous held in Beijing and Kunming, "" Information Security Risk Assessment on the views of "Publicizing will." This is the second in February 2005 to September 2005, State Council Informatization Office in Beijing, Shanghai, Heilongjiang, Yunnan, tax, banking, State Power, e-government outside the net eight units of the risk assessment of pilot work, the promotion of risk assessment theory the importance of a comprehensive ground operation.

Although the State Council Information Office Network and Information Security Team Leader Wang Yu plays the Secretary has repeatedly said that risk assessment is determined by analyzing the risk of appropriate information systems to promote the safety, do not want to rush into action, we must first find out, like understand that after repeating the mistake, but the meeting was enthusiastic beyond the imagination of journalists.

On the one hand, including the Central and State Council departments, the NPC, the High Court Prosecutors, Supreme Court, the armed forces more than 100 information security executives and national director of information security in all provinces were participating in Beijing and Kunming will Publicizing. In the study "of information security risk assessment on the view" ("the" opinion "") and listen to the pilot units of work experience, the information security executives on the "opinions" and their actual work may be carried out difficult problems debate, so that discussion of the time delay to the day after 6 pm.

On the other hand, to provincial and municipal local governments in charge of information security for the object Publicizing the meeting in Kunming, a little size of almost all domestic security firm arrived at the scene, such as TOPSEC, Venus, Lenovo network Yu, Neusoft, net Royal Divine , Wei, in dot com. First, China's security business and government-related national policy is very sensitive to movement; Second, these enterprises are concentrated mainly in the government sector market, which is a close contact and end-user opportunity.

Some industry sources, a nationwide Publicizing a "view" the information security industry will play a positive role in the network and information systems security, potential threats, weaknesses, protective measures, analysis of assessment, the relevant security products, solutions in the increasing demand for the same time, will be more effective closer to user needs.

In fact, the Chinese government attaches great importance to information security risk assessment. In 2003, the State Council issued Document No. 27 made it clear that "should pay attention to information security risk assessment." The subsequent two years, the State Council Information Office set up a risk assessment expert discussion group, based on extensive research, formed the theoretical basis for the work of "Information Security Risk Assessment Guide (Exposure Draft)", in February 2005 from in 8 units lasted 7 months of experimental work.

In the "sub-health" status

According to experts, discussion group of a risk assessment experts say, two years ago in the developed areas of the national economy more than 50 units for Shen Ru survey were as following: information security risk assessment that our country in a very Buping Heng, Zhiyoushaoshu unit Kaizhan Information Security assessment, but most units because no accident and lack of information security risk assessment Ji Zhi, even Baokuo some of the units in relation Dao people's livelihood; Guonei lack of information security risk Guifan Tong Yi, Biaozhunyiji Gongju, Falv Jiansheqianque, but has no policy Xing Guo Jia guidance.

"Information technology in itself means that the risk and did not dare say that their system is Paizhexiongfu foolproof." The expert view, but worth the risk assessment of information, it is placed in front of the leadership of some units was a big concern that this fear is determined by a variety of reasons.

First, information risks are global, infectious, complex, hidden features, bigger the more complex information systems, the more vulnerabilities that exist, but the losses caused by accidents in the greater. If you do not know the weaknesses in the system can not be a good protection system; If you know the weaknesses in the system if it is leaked, it will bring greater risk of disastrous.

Second, security incidents at the time, or are low probability events. For example, although the network has been infected by viruses are common, but not necessarily in the key system will be regularly broke out, resulting in a catastrophic event. Many leaders are too busy to production tasks, and information security incidents have not come across a few years. "Keep a group of people, spend money, there is always something nothing on the system of risk assessment, and in 2035 never crash, you will naturally hesitate leadership."

State Information Center Ning Jiajun researchers believe that information security assessment is to overcome the information security 'sub-health' is the only way. "Medical experts believe that the majority of adults in sub-health status, how to recognize and identify problems, to physical examination; information systems, too, in a safe state, it is often in a 'sub-health' and even sick state, so have 'physical' - This is the risk assessment. "

In Ning Jiajun view, information security "sub-health" is information no boundaries, low-cost, open and anonymous nature of the characteristics of the decision, the reasons are many: natural disasters; misuse and production safety accidents ; viruses, worms and network attacks; trust system as inadequate, with the help of information tools for fraud; caused by internal factors, information, data modification and loss, and internal leakage; information due to external factors, data leaks, tampering and lost; security measures are not in place of high-end technology.

"In China, information security risk also has its own unique formation mechanism of the seven." Ning Jiajun think. The seven generation mechanism include: first, a lack of strategic planning is not clear; Second, leadership and organizational skills are not in place, poor co-ordination; Third, poor information management, management system, immature; fourth, security subsystem budget funds for construction and management ability, capital investment budget for the lack of security subsystem scientific basis; general lack of financial support; Fifth, human resources, lack of information security risk management personnel, the lack of available information security management capabilities and qualifications personnel; Sixth, regulations, standards and policy lags behind the development of information technology, legal work related to lag behind the demand for information technology; seventh, privacy, data security, technology management deficiencies.

Therefore, from China's actual conditions, carry out risk assessment to diagnosis of various important health information systems. First, we must bring into full play and mobilize the forces, the use of risk management thinking, through risk assessment, control and reduce risks, enhance the defensive capabilities of information systems to meet information security needs, and gradually built with Chinese characteristics, the risk assessment system; Second, to assess the basis of the information network in China and important information systems, master basic information network in China and important information systems 鐨?safe, timely appropriate treatment, Baozhangtamen of normal operation; 3 yes on the national key through e-government systems, e-commerce critical information infrastructure systems and risk assessment, from which to explore the experience, continuing to explore and gradually improve the management of our risk assessment mechanism.

"Test" Methodology form

The State Council Information Office Network and Information Security Team Leader Wang Yu plays the Secretary stressed that "Information Security Risk Assessment Guide (Exposure Draft)" is a crystallization of collective wisdom, is a technology based on established scientific methods, it focus on various aspects of practical experience, theory and practice is the result of combining.

Early in the twentieth century, seven 80's, developed a risk assessment began and related systems to explore, develop and publish assessment guidelines and related documents, clearly the risk assessment requirements. China's information security risk assessment is a late start, the first major banks and other business information systems industry relies heavily on behavior, up to the national level was introduced in China in July 2003 the first programmatic document of information security (in the Office issued 2003 [27] text), proposed the establishment of information security level of protection, the "information security risk assessment carried out" as the building of China's information security system an important task.

Some of the basic national security experts agree that China's information security risk assessment has gone through three stages: in 2003 for the study phase, preparation phase in 2004 as the standard in 2005 in the experimental stage.

By the end of July 2003, the State Council Information Office network and information security group for the implementation of 27 requests for documents, commissioned by the State Information Center organized the "information security risk assessment discussion group", the joint public security, confidentiality, the PLA and the Chinese Academy of Sciences and other departments and research institutions for information security risk assessment research and practical work. Discussion group on information security risk assessment of the status of a comprehensive and in-depth understanding of, and put forward our risk assessment of Information Security Measures, methods and standards, carry out information security risk assessment tool for model development, the implementation of information security risk assessment work to enhance information security in preparation for the construction and management.

8 December 2003, the research group has in Beijing, Guangzhou, Shenzhen and Shanghai, more than 10 industries over 50 units of in-depth research, completed about 10 million words of "information security risk assessment report", "Information Security Risk Assessment Study "and" strengthen the information security risk assessment on the proposal. "

March 2004, "Information security risk assessment discussion group" started a risk assessment guide to the preparation of such standards, and in that year have been completed by the end of October, "Information Security Risk Assessment Guide" and "Information Security Risk Management Guide," two standards the exposure draft.

In early 2005, State Council Informatization Office decided two years ago on the basis of risk assessment, carried out a bold attempt to set up headed by Wang Yu plays the Secretary of information security risk assessment pilot project leading group. First of all key systems in a number of risk assessment pilot to gain experience and improve relevant policies and standards, in all the important information system to promote. In addition to leading group, but also established a National Information Center Ning Jiajun, director for the leader of the group of experts to help pilot the pilot units to solve technical problems and provide training and consulting services.

February 2005, the People's Bank, State Administration of Taxation, the State Grid Corporation, the National e-government, Beijing, Shanghai, Heilongjiang, Yunnan and other 8 experimental units in a period of 7 months of information security risk assessment pilot . September 8, 2005, State Council Informatization Office pilot project was held in Shanghai, concluded the General Assembly.

On the one hand, this time the results of experimental work to achieve the expected goal: to explore the information security risk assessment of the basic Guilv, designing relevant documents provide practical; training and tempering of the Dui Wu, enhancing the personnel concerned Fengxianyishi; explored various methods of risk assessment, testing the standard of operation.

On the other hand, the experimental units for the actual work and ideas, the research group has the "Information Security Risk Assessment Guide" was further modified and strengthened, and, respectively, in September 2005, October and December by the three experts review has been submitted to the national security standard committee.

"In 2006, we will actively promote the" Information Security Risk Assessment Guide "enacted." The State Council Informatization Office Network and Information Security Team Leader Wang Yu plays the Secretary said, the work in 2006 will be three steps.

The first step has been completed, mainly organization "of information security risk assessment on the views of" the Publicizing, in the "Information Security Risk Assessment Guide" was formally promulgated prior to the State Council Informatization Office documents in the form of the "Guide" published in the internal draft for reference.

The second step is to organize the establishment of information security risk assessment expert. Mandate of the group focused on information security risk assessment, do a good job of technical training, technology exchange and the preparation of teaching materials; the same time, carry out research and guidance to departments and local information security risk assessment to provide technical advice.

The third step is to grasp the basis of information networks and people's livelihood, the importance of information systems security risk assessment. For this work, the State Council Informatization Office will convene a meeting to make special arrangements.

Practical problems facing

Although the delegates agreed that a national risk assessment model, and gradually extended, means to build national information security system of the building to a new phase - the implementation and practice of stage.

"Before playing more virtual, and now very real." E-government in accordance with the Director of Guangdong Province, Chi-hung of God understanding, 27, is a text setting the overall security system framework, level of protection system is a complete policy The "Information Security Risk Assessment Guide" is a scientific and technical guidance on methods of risk assessment provides the content, methods, forms, etc., so they have real operational.

For example, the "Guide" on the relationship between risk factors and risk calculation model has a more definite statement. According to the State Information Center, introduced Dr. Fan Hong, a risk calculation process is basically like this: first, to identify information assets, and assign the value of information assets; further identification of threats, and threats to the frequency assignment; then on information assets to identify vulnerabilities, and the severity of the vulnerability of the assignment; then under threat and vulnerability identification results calculated the likelihood of security incidents; Finally, the likelihood of security incidents and the role of asset security incidents VaR value.

However, some representatives pointed out that the assessment team's qualification status and the technical strength of the risk assessment will likely become a major problem in practice. Risk assessment form is divided into self-assessment and inspection and evaluation, the former owner of the system, on their own or entrust a third party on their own information systems risk assessment; which is owned by the system's higher authorities or competent business authorities initiated a mandatory means of inspection activities.

"In Guangdong Province, on its own technology to do the risk assessment is not much, unless it is as big as the Daya Bay Nuclear Power Plant industries and enterprises, the strength is stronger, can teach how to do it." God, Chi-hung told reporters, "most of the self- assessment must rely on third-party evaluation institutions. "

Currently, third-party evaluation organization composed mainly of two aspects: the national and local information security evaluation center, a purely commercial nature of information security evaluation teams. "But three types of third-party evaluation institutions each have their own deficiencies."

From the credibility of the terms, national and local information security evaluation centers is strong, but the staff is clearly insufficient in some places, lack of financial and technical strength formed Information Security Evaluation Center. Even the capital city of Beijing, have felt the power is not enough evaluation. Beijing since 2001, started a number of important services to the people to conduct regular risk assessment system, but still can not reach an ideal state. Information Security Services Centre in Beijing Li Song, deputy director of introduction, the original plan more than 60 systems on the two-year cycle in accordance to do, but only 15 six professional evaluation staff work hard to complete even if the ideal overload detection scheme .

Figure has assessed the proportion of industrial distribution systems

Purely commercial information security evaluation team although many, but not much can really solve the problem, but some of the information security vendors from the security services to act as. "Rely on them for system owners, particularly those involving national security interests of the public information systems, risk assessment is difficult to control will result in unimaginable consequences." God, Chi-hung said that the recent Hong Kong SAR, out of a major event , more than 2,000 complaints against police data was leaked, the specific causes have not yet identified.

God Zhixiong that service personnel organized by the manufacturers of third-party evaluation, there are two shortcomings. First, the impartiality to be questioned. "Assessment and sell products they do so, certainly not fair. Just as He did not see a doctor as they sell drugs, you do not need the drugs will force upon you." Second, China's security companies has been less stable than restructuring is split. "Experience tells us that even large companies selected will Nieba Han." For example, Lenovo's net assessment of Royal finished product procurement procedures have finished that, suddenly a major turn of events, scared of God Zhixiong rushed Beijing, Lenovo Royal said that no change in net still the same. But God Zhixiong worried that China's security Qualification is certified, but no certification qualification evaluation, especially evaluation staff qualifications and no certification.

People's Liberation Army Information Security Research Center Li Jingchun that make the whole process of assessment is to ensure strict management of the problem not the key to assessing his three suggestions. First, before the assessment is the assessment of personnel to conduct security education, development of security measures, configure the security device, security and confidentiality agreements signed.

Second, in the assessment of the situation by assessing the internal units should be kept strictly confidential and secret information; on information assets are assessed units, detected the vulnerability and security incidents occurred in such circumstances the scope of information should be strictly controlled; on detection and evaluation equipment, mobile media to strictly control; evaluation process to focus on the participation of personnel management of closed

Third, the assessment should be carefully and return all documents, information and data; of the assessment process and the outcome document to be signed document archiving; on the detection and evaluation of data to be centrally managed by hand, and clear the testing equipment in the data; in its foreign relations shall not be assessed in the unit involved in the secret, sensitive situation.


Risk Assessment

Risk assessment information and information processing facilities, threats, impacts, vulnerability and assessment of the likelihood of the three. It is confirmed that the process of security risk and size, namely the use of appropriate risk assessment tools, including qualitative and quantitative methods to determine the risk level of information assets and priority order of risk control.

Risk assessment is the basis for information security management system, is the security of existing network analysis of first-hand information, is also a network security one of the most important elements, the risk of it down a network, the implementation of risk management and risk control provide a direct basis. Enterprises in network security equipment selection, network security needs analysis, network construction, network transformation, application trials, intranet and extranet connectivity, and third party business partners online business data transmission, e-government services, are referred risk assessment should be conducted.

Risk assessment process

In risk assessment, considering the main factors include: information assets and their value; of these assets as well as their probability of occurrence; the weak point; existing security controls.

The basic process of risk assessment are: first, in accordance with enterprise business processes and information assets and identify the operation and information assets under the valuation principles of valuation; the second step, the environment of the asset identification and evaluation of the threat; the third step, corresponding to each of a threat to the existence of assets or organization to identify the weak points and evaluation; fourth step, the security controls that have been taken to confirm; fifth step, a risk measurement method and level of risk assessment principles, to determine the size of the risk and grade.

Risk assessment form

Assessment of risk assessment in the form of the perpetrators in accordance with the different forms of risk assessment can be divided into self-assessment and inspection and evaluation into two categories. Since the evaluation is to be assessed by the owners of information systems on their own, their own information systems risk assessment. Check assessment is usually assessed information systems are the owner of the higher authorities, initiated by the competent authority or business, according to the laws and regulations have been enacted or standards, and mandatory means of inspection activities, through administrative means to enhance information security important measures.

Self-assessment and inspection and evaluation can be through the information security risk assessment services for risk assessment consulting, services, training and risk assessment tools available. The self-evaluation is most essential for safety assessment methods, it is to check the foundation and necessary condition assessment. Both for enterprise information system to ensure the normal operation of day to day, or to meet the higher level examination assessment, self-assessment plays an important role.


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